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MDee Landed in Las Vegas NV, in 1991 when Tech Music was still in it's early stages and still evolving as a newer form of alternative dance.

"It was an exciting time for the electronic music or the 'tech scene', as we called it back then because there were so many differnet, never before heard samples, and digitally processed effects in tech music. It was exciting but, kinda weird at the same time, a good kind of wierd, since it was so different and dance music needed "different", at that time."

"So, I deejayed for about 7 years in Las Vegas NV and really enjoyed that whole experience. Back then of course it was 2 MKII's and crates of vinyl which was a lot more involved for any gig you did. At some point around 2005 I realized that what was appealing to me about deejaying was similar to radio or, streaming production by putting the sounds out for the listeners. This is when I began to think about starting a net station and playing the music, or the mixes without all the back breaks. Hahaha, it sounded like an interesting idea and computers were also now a media device in some ways; well, there it is. So, after making a decision and commitment, I went in that direction

"At the time, MySpace was blowing up big and most Pc users were using their devices for that but, I was up to my elbows literally building machines for use with audio, video, but most of all at that time, the PFR station. That was a challenging period because I had to crash course software and hardware simultaniously. I just remeber many, many nights with very little sleep...wow, lots of info overload."

"It eventually all came together but it was a work in progress constantly. I remember signing up with Tunein Radio and they were brand new. I had to work out some configuration issues and called the tech support. It was like a couple of guys who were really cool and helped me get it all done. It was like calling your friend at home and getting help....hahaha...wow that was a while ago, look how big they are now. But that impressed me about them. They were really cool guys to do that."

"In the beginning, as a start-up streaming station, there were not as many people hosting their own shows as there are now, especially tech stations. Now there are tons of stations, but it's always been the goal to stay with the continuous mixes, that's what really makes the show unique. After all, the events bring the best of the best of dj's together. The listeners love the event collections."

"Almost all listeners or fans tuning in to the show are die hard electronic/tech music lovers, they really know what's out there and what they really like in the electronic scene. These regular listeners are passionate, die hard, music fans, through and through."

Planetfrequency Radio is doing all of this as a non-profit station. "This is basically a hobby. Some people like to paint, some like to take up photography or collect stamps. I like doing,....this".

That's the story, the Planetfrequency Radio Story, condensed version, so, this is the about page and that's the story about who, what, where, when, how and even why it is here."

I thank you all for your listenership, loyalty and support....MikeDee."

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